Frame Spacer

Metal Galvanized Bee Frame Spacer

Metal Frame Spacers are metal devices which have cutouts to receive the frames and space them evenly. They fit over the frame support area of hive bodies and supers of the 10-frame size. They are great time savers. They allow even spaces for the bees to fully draw combs and they protect frame rests.

” Frame spacers accurately space 9 frames in 10 frame supers. This makes uncapping honey a breeze as the cappings protrude beyond the edges of the frames and your knife will cut off solid sheets of cappings and not leave low areas.

You must not use these spacers with frames with new foundation, rather draw the foundation first then reduce the number of frames. Designed to be used on hive bodies and supers with a 5/8 frame rest.

Designed for use in boxes with 5/8-in. rabbet

  • Evenly spaces 9 frames or 8 frames in a 10-frame box
  • These spacers are to be nailed onto the ledge of the box
  • Allows comb to be drawn out past end bar for easier uncapping

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