Amitraz Varrojet

Rechargeable or Electric Amitraz Varrojet Vaporizer Bee Varroa Mites Fogger Control Treatment AA Battery Type Beekeeping Equipment
Electric Varrojet (Anti-Varroa Smoker)

Type:Euro Plug Version and AA Battery Version optional ( Varrojet is driven by a micro motor with 2x1.5V batteries .Batteries are NOT INCLUDED)
N.W.: 0.4kg
Function:Varrojet can help to treat bee varroa mite disease by smoking amitraz to hives.
Dosage: It's advisable that keep puffing amitraz smoke for about 10 seconds per a hive so asreacha high efficiency of treatment
Control :Beekeepers can take full control of combustion,which is an important feature especially in the areas
exposed to high risk of fire

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