M195E Beeswax Embossing Machine

M195E Beeswax Foundation Machine Manual Wax Embossing Machine


1. Model: 86 x 195mm (roller diameter x roller length). Cell size: 5.4/ 4.8mm optional. We can supply Beeswax Foundation Machines with roller lengths of 195mm, 250mm, 310mm and 450mm, if you need, please contact us.

2. The roller is made of high grade aluminum alloy. Computer recording, uniform cell, high hardness, easy to peel off, low noise and durable, easy for use.

3. The produced beeswax foundation sheet is yellowish and transparent, with clear texture, Uniform thickness, hard but not brittle, not easy to fold, faster comb building.

4. The bearing gear made of cast steel which is widely used in the world for its abrasion resistance and long life.

5. With two built-in bearings, made of refined steel which is resistant to pressure and abrasion.

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